Professional ICT Lecturer.
CEO & Founder of ApePanthiya ICT Education System.
Proprietor of Pehesara Multimedia.
Member of Singapore Computer Society.

Prabuddha Srimal


Mr. Prabuddha Srimal was educated at Mahinda College - Galle, and earned his Degree B.Sc. in Information Technology from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology and also he earned RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and CISCO professional certificates. He is a Lecturer of ICT and also the CEO and Founder of Ape Panthiya ICT Education Systems and has been at the fore of the country’s ICT field since 2007. Mr. Prabuddha Srimal was one of the pioneers in setting up and running the G.C.E Advanced Level ICT subject and was also the teacher-in-charge of ICT at Thurstan College – Colombo.

Born :

Kariyawasam Mabotuwana Jagodage Prabuddha Srimal
March 04, 1988
Colombo 06, Sri Lanka.

Residence :

128/15/A, Makulugahawaththa 2nd Lane, Hiripitiya, Pannipitiya, SL

Title :

Founder and CEO Ape Panthiya ICT Education Systems , Professional ICT Lecturer

Spouse :

Mrs. Nadeesha Vindyani

Parents :

Mr. K.M.J. Padmasiri
Mrs. A.B. Srimathie

Brothers :

Mr. K.M.J. Pasindu Mayuranga
Mr. K.M.J. Tharindu Dilshan

- More than 10 years of experience in the field of Information Technology -

Network Engineer

Former Network & Telecommunication Engineer at Maharaja Group

System Administrator

Done the responsibilities as a System Administrator and during which era, became the IT Manager of SRINKO group of companies.


Former Teacher of Thurstan College (Master in charge of IT, Teacher in ICT for A/L & O/L students- 3 years)

Founder of ApePanthiya ICT

Professional ICT Lecturer & Founder of ApePanthiya ICT Education System

- Prabuddha Srimal concurrently holds several other positions in both academic & IT industry -

Ape Panthiya

CEO and Managing Director of Ape Panthiya ICT Education System.

Proprietor -
Pehesara Multimedia

Pehesara Multimedia is a reputed IT business in the field of Computing & Networking.

Professinal ICT Lecturer

Conducting G.C.E Advanced Level ICT classes.
[since 2008]

Member of Singapore Computer Society

Member of Singapore Computer Society which is one of pioneer Computer Societies in the world as a professional member to keep tabs on the latest technology, learn and adopt best practices and build professional ties by networking.
[since 2017]

Advanced Level ICT classes of Prabuddha Srimal

Conducting ICT classes at Nugegoda, Gampaha and Ratnapura.
Revision at Sasip
Revision class at SASIP institute

Seminar at Michael Faraday auditotium
Michael Faraday auditotium, SASIP institute

Theory class at Sasip
Theory class at SASIP institute

Web Development Practical
Web Development practical session

Hardware Practical
Computer Hardware Practical session

Networking Practical
Practical session of Data Communication & Networking

Latest Technologies with IoT
With Latest Technologies
- Free Wi-Fi, IOT applications

Students with their Laptops
Every student has his / her own Laptop computer

Group activities
Lesson Based group activities

Tutes, Papers & Study Materials

Tutorials & Papers for each lesson unit.

Tutorials & Study Materials

Tutorials & Study Materials

Tutorials & Study Materials

Tutorials & Study Materials

Tutorials & Study Materials

Tutorials & Study Materials

Outbound Training Programs

Leadership development & Outbound training programs.

Outbound Training & Leadership Programs

Outbound Training & Leadership Programs

Outbound Training & Leadership Programs

Vesak Dansela Program

Ape Panthiya students organize 'Vesak Dansela' at Nugegoda and Gampaha.

Vesak Dansela

Vesak Dansela

Vesak Dansela

Class Time Table

SASIP Institute, Nugegoda

A/L YearMediumTypeDayFromTo
2019 A/LSinhalaTheoryFriday3:00 PM5:00 PM
2019 A/LEnglishTheoryFriday5:15 PM7:15 PM
2019 A/LEnglishTheory (special)Sunday7.30 AM10.30 AM
2020 A/LSinhalaTheoryWednesday3:00 PM5:00 PM
2020 A/LEnglishTheoryWednesday5:15 AM7:15 PM
2021 A/L (NEW)SinhalaTheoryMonday1:30 PM *tempory3:30 PM *tempory
2021 A/L (NEW)EnglishTheoryMonday4:00 PM *tempory6:00 PM *tempory

Rotary Institute, Nugegoda

A/L YearMediumTypeDayFromTo
2021 A/L (NEW)Sinhala | EnglishTheoryFriday10:30 AM *tempory12:30 PM *tempory

INDEEPA Institute, Gampaha

A/L YearMediumTypeDayFromTo
2019 A/LSinhalaTheoryTuesday3:00 PM5:00 PM
2019 A/LEnglishTheoryTuesday5:15 PM7:15 PM
2020 A/LSinhalaTheoryMonday3:00 PM5:00 PM
2020 A/LEnglishTheoryMonday5:15 PM7:15 PM
2021 A/L (NEW)SinhalaTheoryTuesday8:30 AM10:30 AM
2021 A/L (NEW)EnglishTheoryTuesday10:30 AM12:30 PM

SISATHKO Institute, Rathnapura

A/L YearMediumTypeDayFromTo
2020 A/LEnglish | SinhalaTheoryThursday2:30 PM5:30 PM

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"Proud to be a Teacher than an Engineer"

The Teacher who guided most students in ICT and paved the way to enter local universities
in Sri Lankan history